The Benefits of Group Motorcycle Rides

Riding a motorcycle can be a wonderful experience for many people to clear their heads and ground themselves.  Something to enjoy profoundly, alone or with friends. But it can also be a lot of fun to hit the road with a group of fellow enthusiasts. Group rides offer a unique blend of fun, friendship, and adventure. Regardlessof the level of the rider. I too ride with groups regularly, although I am careful of what groups I join.


Safety in numbers during group rides

One of the most obvious benefits of riding in a group is the sense of safety and security it can provide. But be mindful of what kinds of groups you join. From my own experience, I can say that not every group ride is going tobe a safe one. I once found myself lying on the asphalt at literally the second turn down the Lekdijk, holding a girl’s head in a neck clamp while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Someone had to overtake like an idiot on the wrong side and got stuck in her handlebar somehow, causing them both to go down. He had completely shattered his ankle and got back on his bike a few weeks later. The girl, however, sold her bike and I don’t know if she ever rode again.  

But when you join a well-organised group ride it gives a lot of support and confidence, especially for beginner riders. It also ensures you have experienced riders to fall back on for tips or if anything should happen. Especially when you have a good road captain who rides in the front and keeps an eye on everything while enjoying a nice route. 


You’ll meet new people

Another benefit of group motorcycle rides is the opportunity to meet new people and, with any luck, make some new friends as well. It sounds cheesy but we all know that making friends as an adult is quite difficult. And yet I have made some very nice friends over the years that I met on group rides initially. And I’ll just casually add that my boyfriend’s Tinder profile pic on his R6 which I wouldn’t shut up about is the only reason we met in the first place. Whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned one, riding with a group is a great way to meet new people who share your passion for motorcycles.


Variety and adventure with group motorcycle rides

Don’t get me wrong, it can be amazing to just ride by yourself and leave everything behind you, literally. I love riding alone, especially now that I can play a nice tune in my helmet while on the road. But when you go on group rides to enjoy a scenic route, you’ll almost always pass places you may not have considered. Plus, you have a little support and encouragement from your fellow bikers to push your limits and try new things. Group rides are a great way to discover new places and roads. Who knows, you might find your favourite route by chance during a group ride.


Improve your riding skills

Riding in a group can also be a good opportunity to improve your riding skills and technique. Especially when you have the opportunity to communicate with each other via, for example, a Cardo system. Although I doubt my friends want to hear my horrid singing skills in their helmets as well. I’m guessing it’s already more than enough when we’re waiting for a red light. You can learn an awful lot from riding in groups. Whether it’s tips for your turn technique, braking or general control. Having someone behind you give pointers can often offer new insight and give you the confidence to push your limits and learn under guidance. 

In short, group motorcycle rides are highly recommendedfor riders of all levels. Even if it’s just for the fun of sitting down together at a cafe for something cold after a great ride. Whether you are a seasoned rider or just got your license, riding together with a group of bikers lets you experience the joy of ridingdifferently.

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