About Snowy

Snowy is Anna’s 7 year old rescue corgi mix. The little guy managed to tear his cruciate ligament and is going in for knee surgery June 17th. This surgery is pretty costly and every Gremlin Bell you buy from us will be an enormous help to paying for Snowy’s surgery and recovery bills.
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I really have to think of something better to write here.

Remco - The Alpine Rider - Nordenguy

Partner in crime

Anna’s partner and supporter of terrible ideas with a camera.

Patrick - The Alpine Rider - Patrick de slopes

IT & destruction

The guy we call for tech-support, paid in Whisky. 

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The cutest little idiot

Since the whole launch of the website kind unexpectedly was all about Snowy and the surgery he needs…
He deserves a spot in this list.

About Us

A Tinder success story

So… We’re a Tinder success story solely because I (Anna) started a conversation trying to sound cool guessing what year Remco’s R6 was from. The guy had a very shitty day and only responded to be polite, but that got us talking anyway… Which led to our first date in a flamingo-themed bar. And my wolfdog foster shitting in the middle of the living room while giving the man a thorough death glare because he did not agree…

Which was 4 years and several motorcycles ago. Because apparently… I’m an influence on him. When we met, he had an R6 & I had a BMW K100 in pieces and the back of an 80-year-old due to a car accident in 2017. He traded the R6 for an XSR900… We’ve had an 87’ Honda VFR 750 somewhere in between before I traded that for an 89 Transalp because the K100 build got delayed. And that’s what got me in trouble…

I followed my riders heart

The K100 bike was eventually pushed back a year and the VFR wasn’t great on my back. So, when I rented an 87 Honda Transalp on motoshare.nl I was completely sold… I needed one too. Coincidentally, the man (apparently Itchy Boot’s manager?) had his ex-wife’s 89 TA for sale, so I bought it, although I was a bit sad this one was a purple-silver and not the anniversary-coloured one he had.

The plan was to keep the TA on the side and rent it out through Motoshare. A great plan, until the BMW was finished. Don’t get me wrong I love that bike… But it’s just not my kind of ride. The Netherlands has a lot of scenic 60km per hour country roads, with a shitload of speed bumps. And where my suspension said
“SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN!” my riders heart screamed, “SPEED UP AND STAND UP!”.

And then Honda announced they would be resurrecting their Transalp in 2023, and it would be available in Ross White. And I was able to get it just 10 days before a 2-week trip. I managed to squeeze in the first 1000km the first weekend I got it, got it in for its first maintenance and then got truly acquainted with it in the mountains.  

A bad influence… or not…

So why does that make me a bad influence? Well… The café racer build caused Remco to fall in love with the 80’s styled bikes which led him to the 2022 Yamaha XSR 900. I’ve always travelled with my bike. Mostly to Belgium and Germany for weekend camping trips but still.

Last year we decided that it was time for a motorcycle trip and I was itching to go back to the Italian Dolomites. We went through Luxembourg and the Swiss and Italian Alps, followed by another 10 days in the Dolomites. After 2 days in the Dolomites, he suddenly laughed over dinner and said “I think I want another bike”. He ended up buying a 2023 Husqvarna Norden 901 Expedition (Because of course he had to one-up me lol).

And then some friends got us into off-road riding as well…

So here we are… riding on and off-road with 2 brand-new bikes, year-round.